Trim rings system

To achieve better design, APLIX introduces plastic trim rings with integrated hook fields through the use of inter-mold® Technology.


Headliner side

Plastic trim rings affixed on the headliner

  • Full Plastic Trim Rings or Brackets can be designed to incorporate inter-mold® hook fields or inter-mold® plastic parts to attach headliner to sunroof cassette and mating APLIX loop components. 
  • Hook fields can be elevated to properly fill gaps between sunroof module and headliners.
  • Plastic components are glued down or welded on headliners, weep holes provide a secure attachment.​


Discover our inter-mold® hook parts  

Sunroof side

aplix® 800 texturized loop element positioned onto the sunroof module

  • Uniformity of the height of the loops ensures a reliable attachment.
  • Material : Nylon texturized loop.
  • Specialty backing: High Performance PSA or welded on inter-mold plastic parts.
  • Widths: 25 and 50mm (please consult us for other widths).


APLIX hook solutions for Headliners are designed to directly engage into the loop parts positioned on the sunroof module. This system provides material and labor cost savings as well as weight reductions and better design.