A shareholder base that guarantees long-term viability

The APLIX group is owned by FIBI, which is majority-controlled by the Billarant family, founders of APLIX. 
Credit Mutuel Equity, a longstanding financial partner of the group, has held an equity investment in the business alongside the family for many years.

This stable shareholding structure allows APLIX to ensure sustainable growth while staying true to its values and to guarantee its viability over the long term.

Two-level governance



APLIX S.A. is owned by FIBI. 
At FIBI, governance is organized around an Executive Board and a Supervisory Board.

The Executive Board


The Executive Board is chaired by Sandrine Pelletier and composed of 2 directors.
Its missions are clearly defined: 

  • Develop the group's strategic orientations in collaboration with the Supervisory Board
  • Ensure the implementation of the strategy
  • Lead and manage the group

The Supervisory Board


The Supervisory Board is chaired by Jean-Philippe Billarant and has 6 members

  • 2 representatives of Credit Mutuel Equity
  • 4 independent advisors


The Supervisory Board, in collaboration with the Executive Board, determines the Group's strategic orientations and ensures their implementation. It deals with any questions relating to the proper functioning of the company.





At APLIX SA, a French company and parent company of the foreign subsidiaries, governance is organized around General Management and a Board of Directors.


The General Management


General Management is headed by Sandrine Pelletier, assisted by 2 Deputy General Managers. The main tasks of the General Management are to implement the strategic orientations defined by the FIBI group and to manage operations at APLIX S.A.
The Executive Management is assisted by an Executive Committee composed of 8 people.



Sylvain Drochon - Fabrice Billarant - Thomas Bruneau - Sandrine Pelletier (CEO) - Oana Balestat - Fabien Varigny - Thierry Marché - Gilles Roberton


The Board of Directors



The APLIX Board of Directors is responsible for ensuring the implementation of the company's strategic orientations and the proper functioning of the company.

It is chaired by Sandrine Pelletier and composed of:

  • 5 directors 
  • 2 advisors


Members of the Works Council also attend the meetings of the Board of Directors.


Subsidiaries Management


Plant established in the United States in 1982 in Charlotte, North Carolina.
Managed by Wes BARNES.

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APLIX Inc management team


John Bumgarner - Angelo Manoff - Carolyn Lyding - Quresh Sachee - Wes Barnes -

Paul Gilbert - Geoff McGregor -  Dean Rollo  - Jodie Becknell


APLIX Shanghai - China

Plant established in China in 2006 in Shanghai.
Managed by Daniel CAO.

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aplix shangai


John Yang - Mark Huang - Jeric Jiang - Gavin Meng - Daniel Cao - Lawrence Cai - Changcai Liu - Fernando Sun - Emma Zhang -  Xujuan Wang - Jane Qiu -  Capple Guo - Yancey Cheng -  Simon Zhang

PARAFIX - Brazil

PARAFIX, created in 2000, joined the APLIX group in 2012.
The plant is located in Vinhedo, Brazil and managed by Damien Grimmelprez.

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parafix aplix hook and loop

Gustavo Wanderley - Antonio Reis Neto - Damien Grimmelprez - Luis Henrique Consoline - Helton Moreira - Leandro Gomes
Fernanda Oliveira - Tatiane Joaquim - Melissa Battistel