Hook to hook closure for flexible packaging

Convenience, performance and sustainability are key attributes to packaging that will attract and retain today’s consumer. To meet these needs, Aplix has developed Easylock by Aplix®, the first patented hook-to-hook closure system for flexible packaging. 


Intuitive and sensory, Easylock secures the package while providing an overall enhanced experience for the consumer. It is a 100% PE recyclable closure which addresses the consumer, retailer, and consumer product companies’ demands for more environmentally friendly packaging.


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Hook to hook closure for flexible packaging

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Aplix offers a range of reclosable solutions for all bags sizes :

  • Narrow & sensory closure for small bags
  • Narrow closure with increased sensory effect for medium-sized bags
  • Robust closure for large opening for heavy bags


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easylock aplix packaging closure

Easylock by Aplix® opened and closed by French President !

During his visit to our French factory on Thursday, February 11th, French President, Mr Emmanuel Macron, "tested and approved" our easy and intuitive closure for flexible pouches: Easylock by Aplix® !


Easylock filling demo at Cetec

At CETEC INDUSTRIE, our Easylock by Aplix® team was allowed to run a filling trial with its new recyclable PE pouches with an Easylock 971 hook-to-hook closure!

easylock drop test

Easylock 1 - Drop test 0

Easylock by Aplix® is a reliable closure for flexible pouches! It fulfilled its job perfectly and maintained its content securily packed even after falling multiple time from our kitchen countertop!