Hook to hook closure for flexible packaging

Today consumers are looking for better and smarter packaging solutions when making purchasing decisions. New packaging designs are introduced every day to accommodate these growing consumer needs.


To meet these trends, APLIX developed Easylock by Aplix®, the first intuitive and sensory hook to hook closure system for flexible packaging. It is a 100% PE recyclable closure which addresses the consumer, retailer, and consumer product companies’ demands for more environmentally friendly packaging.


This innovative closure offers unique features including audible and tactile feedback when opening and closing, letting consumers know their package is sealed. This value-added feature secures the package and provides an overall enhanced experience for the consumer.

Unlike other zipper closure systems on the market, precise alignment is not required for sealing and its resistance to particulates keeps freshness locked in!


Easylock by Aplix® is the ideal reclose option for markets such as petfood, cereal, cheese, powder products, confectionary, dried fruit, snacks, detergents, fertilizers and other packaged goods. 


Since its launch, Easylock by Aplix® has been very successful worldwide. It has received several awards and continues to amaze consumers with its unique features and reliable closure. 


More information: www.easylock-aplix.com



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Key benefits

  • Intuitive
  • Sensory
  • Freshness preserved
  • Ideal for powdered products
  • Recyclable polyethylene

Recommended products


  • FDA CFR 21 part.177
  • Directive 2011/10/EC as amended
  • BRC certified grade AA