A new sensory and intuitive closure for flexible packaging.

APLIX has developed EASY-LOCK by APLIX®, a sensory and intuitive closure for flexible packaging. This innovative closure offers audible and tactile feedback when opening and closing, letting consumers know their package is sealed. This value-added feature secures the package and provides an overall enhanced experience to the consumer.

EASY-LOCK by APLIX® is a hook-to-hook closure made from food-grade, heat-sealable polyethylene material. Hooks engage on multiple levels making it easy to open and reclose. Unlike other systems, precise alignment is not required for sealing and its resistance to particulates keeps freshness locked in!


APLIX offers reclose solutions for all bag sizes:

  • EASY-LOCK TOUCH : an easy closure for small bags (<1kg). This narrow closure (16 mm) provides reclose options in many markets including cereal, cheese, coffee, confectionary, dried fruit, snacks and other packaged goods.
  • EASY-LOCK TOUCH+: a robust closure designed for heavy bags (>1kg). This large closure (26 mm) is ideal for large opening bags with or without gussets. It is a great reclose option for markets such as petfood, detergents, fertilizers, and bulk products.


It runs on automated packaging machines and is available in single or mated tape.

Since its launch, EASY-LOCK by APLIX® has been very successful in both Europe and the United States. It has already received several awards and continues to amaze consumers with its unique features and reliable closure.



Visit our website : www.easylock-aplix.com

For more information please contact us : packaging@aplix.com

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Discover Easy-Lock® by APLIX
  • Easy to open and close
  • Sensory & intuitive
  • Freshness preserved
  • Ideal for powdered products
  • Reliable
  • Invisible & flexible
  • Increase customer satisfaction