Hook to hook closure

Hook to hook closure easylock aplix

Sealable hook tape for flexible packaging

 Easylock by Aplix®


Self-mating closure designed to be sealed on film.

Easy to open and close while also providing sensory feedback.

Food compatible and recyclable solution


  • Material: 100% LDPE suitable for food contact
  • Width: 16, 23 and 26 mm
  • Cycle life: up to 50 openings and closings


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Hook to hook closure aplix self-engaging closure

A self-adhesive solution adapted to different substrates

 aplix® 966


Self-engaging closure system with a light pressure.

Improved and secure closing feeling for users.


  • Material : polypropylene
  • Available in 17mm wide tape or in pre-cut pieces (dimensions on request)
  • Self-adhesive
  • Cycle life: up to 50 openings and closings