Hook and loop solutions for military and security

For several years, the design of security and safety apparel and equipment has undergone a range of important technical innovations.


Through our collaboration with national armed forces, APLIX has developed innovative anti-infrared and camouflage fastening solutions to improve the stealth of personnel in field operations.


APLIX is already the supplier of several important Soldier Modernization Programs in France, European countries and USA.


Aplix products are the only self-gripping fasteners of French manufacture, having obtained the label "As used by the French Armed Forces" issued by the Ministry of the Armed Forces.

aplix hook and loop for military and security

Key benefits

  • Rapid closure
  • Long cycle life
  • Resistant to high-temperature washing
  • Selvedges that maintain integrity when stitched

Recommended products


  • Compliant with French Army specification
  • Compliant with U.S Army specification A-A-55126
  • Compliant with Berry Amendment