Light weight loop

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Light weight knit loop

Lamination ability on various substrates (film, nonwoven, paper, foam and others) 

Printing ability


  • Integrated knit production
  • Wide range available
  • Material: polyamide or polyester
  • Widths: from 4" to 55" (from 100 mm to 1400 mm)


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Light weight nonwoven loop

Clothlike / very soft product

Printing ability


  • Pure gripping nonwoven loop 
  • Material: polypropylene.
  • Widths: from 5/8" to 43" (from 100 to 1100 mm).
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Brushed knit loop

Very low profile closure 

Excellent shear strength.


  • Brushed knit loop with extra-wide coating.
  • Wide range available.
  • Material: 100% polyamide.
  • Widths: from 16 to 1500mm.