Hook and loop: a fastening solution for technical markets!

You are all familiar with hook and loop fasteners, the material more commonly known as "velcro" and found on sneakers or coats.

But did you know that hook and loop tape is now a technical and innovative fastening solution?

In fact, today, APLIX's hook and loop fasteners are present everywhere in your daily life without you even knowing it! They are hidden in the seats of your car, in the plane you take to go on a trip, on your baby's diaper, inside your cereal bag, at the end of your cleaning mop, behind your walls, under your feet...

APLIX's hook and loop fasteners make your life easier without you even realizing it!


Discover all the markets where our products are present.

hook and loop closure for diapers and pants aplix

Personal care

Hook and loop closure solutions for baby diapers and adult incontinence products

hook and loop fastening solutions for the Aircraft market


Interior and insulation



Reclosable solutions for flexible packaging

hook and loop fasteners aplix cleaning


Mop frames and cleaning pads

aplix hook and loop for single use devices


Reusable and single patient products

decogrip by aplix hook and loop


Flooring installation and wall covering

other markets aplix

Other markets

Hook and Loop Solutions for other markets