hook and loop construction decogrip aplix

DecoGrip by Aplix®


Decogrip by Aplix® is an ultra thin hook and loop fastening solution, almost invisible, with surprising strong performances to install flooring and wall coverings. 


The miniaturized plastic hook tape is applied on wall or floor surfaces. The loop part is directly integrated on the back of the decorative covering thanks to the unique customization possibilities APLIX offers.


This new solution makes the first installation easy, offering clean working conditions without glue and allowing repositioning.


In addition, it offers an interchangeable concept as it enables removal and replacement of a decorative covering for a new design.

Key benefits

  • Easy and Clean solution
  • Removable fixing system
  • Invisible fastening
  • No glue (no VOCs’ emissions)
  • Strong mechanical performances
decogrip aplix hook and loop for wall and floor installation

Product range

Light weight knit loop

  • Laminated on the back of the flooring or wall covering board
  • A range of loops with various gripping properties and various grammages.
  • Customization of the carrier (film, nonwoven, paper, foam and others)
  • Possible integration in panel production process, by glueing or welding
Light weight knit loop aplix

Miniaturized plastic hook tape

  • Miniaturized gripping elements
  • Applied like a wall paper on the substrates
  • Self-adhesive backing
  • Possibility to compensate uneven substrate    
  • Widths: from 13 to 500 mm  
Miniaturized plastic hook tape aplix