Together, we build our future!

Today, businesses need to responsibly address the climate crisis. It is more important than ever for businesses to take action for the environment. 


In 2015, we rolled out our CSR policy, demonstrating our determination to address these important issues and take concrete action to help build a responsible future. 


We are committed to combating climate change and evolving to meet new customer and consumer expectations. Our actions have earned us ISO 14001 and ISO 26000 certifications. APLIX Inc. and APLIX Shanghai have demonstrated conformance to the ISO 26000 certification and APLIX S.A has achieved an exemplary level according to the French AFNOR “Engagé RSE” label.


Since 2020, APLIX has been committed to the UN Global Compact corporate responsibility initiative and its principles in the areas of human rights, labour, the environment and anti-corruption.



Consult our CSR report 2022


Consult our CSR report 2023

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Diversity is a Strength

In 2023, APLIX scored 93/100 on the Gender Equality Index.

The strength of our differences


By promoting diversity, we recognize and respect the strength of our differences. We believe that having associates from different backgrounds, whether in terms of experience, education, cultures, etc., is a source of empowerment for the company. We focus on the competencies, performance and interpersonal skills of our employees.


Our commitment to gender equality


We believe that gender diversity and equality within a team is essential. We are committed to promoting parity in hiring. 

In 2024, based on data from 2023, APLIX S.A reported an overall gender equality index of 93/100.

This is broken down by indicator as follows

- pay gap indicator: 38

- Increment rate gap indicator: 20

- promotion rate gap indicator: 15

- Return from maternity leave indicator: 15

- high pay indicator: 5


Our Disability Policy


Aplix is determined to fight against all forms of discrimination and particularly discrimination against people with disabilities. We are committed to promoting the integration of people with disabilities based on several pillars:

  • Awareness and training
  • Information and communication
  • Hiring and onboarding
  • Support and job accommodations
  • Collaboration with the sheltered sector
aplix hook and loop csr commitments

Occupational safety, health and wellness

100% of Aplix employees are trained in safety and environmental issues.

We prioritize health and safety


The health and safety of our employees is a priority for Aplix. We have set up prevention and protective measures in each production site (risk assessment, ergonomic studies, continuous improvement of production equipment, protective systems, training, etc.). Everyone's ultimate goal is zero accident.


We promote wellbeing in the workplace


Fostering a good climate at work, taking into account associates' opinions and suggestions, providing support if problems arise and helping our people improve their job performance are just as important as salary or status. This is why we work day-to-day with our associates to promote quality of life at work.

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The circular economy

We use the 5Rs: Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose, Recycle

We source responsibly


The Responsible Purchasing policy is an integral part of Aplix's strategy, and is based on the following themes: the environment, respect for international labor standards and human rights, business ethics including the fight against corruption, the balance of responsible long-term relationships, the desire to promote local relationships and co-development and partnership. All our suppliers and buyers must sign our Responsible Purchasing charter.


We drive eco-design


Reducing the quantity of petroleum-based materials used in our products while maintaining the same level of performance is a key priority for us. By working with our upstream and downstream partners we also seek to limit the environmental impact of our products, from design to end-of-life.


We consume responsibly


We minimize our environmental impact, both in our buildings and in our industrial processes and products.

Diminishing energy use also reduces CO2 consumption. In 2019 we carried out our carbon footprint assessment Scope 3 in order to not only act on direct emissions, but also throughout the value chain of the entire product life cycle.



We manage and track our waste streams


In order to limit the negative impacts on the environment and to save natural resources, we send all waste produced to an appropriate treatment center. Our 2-year target is to recycle or reuse 100% of our waste. 

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Local development

Each year, APLIX supports local associations.

Our commitment to local development


We are actively involved with partners and associations to improve the environment and well-being of local communities.  We also build partnerships with universities and professional networks to develop core competencies within our regions.  

aplix hook and loop csr commitments