Plastic hook

Plastic hook tapes aplix

Plastic hook tape

aplix® 963 


Very low profile.

High grip performance.


  • Extruded tape comprising of miniaturized hooks
  • Methods of attachment: bonding or welding.
  • Material : polypropylene
  • Width : 13 mm
plastic hook tape aplix

Miniaturized plastic hook in wide width

 aplix® 740 & aplix® 745


Very low profile for a discrete closure.

Excellent shear strength.


  • Extruded Hooks with high density pins 
  • Methods of attachment : bonding or welding.
  • Material : polypropylene
  • Width : from 10 to 600 mm
  • Fire-retardant version available 


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Injected plastic hook intermold aplix

Injected plastic hooks



This innovative technology allows the creation of hook fields in plastic parts simultaneously during a standard injection molding cycle (one-shot). inter-mold® eliminates the use of adhesives and significantly improves the design of your product.


  • Materials: Polypropylene, Polyethylene, Polyacetal (POM), polyamide, and other thermoplastic elastomers.


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