hook and loop for aircraft aplix

Hook and loop fastening solutions for the Aircraft market

Our collaboration with aircraft partners for 60 years has enabled APLIX to engineer an exclusive line of hook and loop solutions specialized for the aircraft industry.


APLIX offers a comprehensive range of high-performance and fire retardant hook and loop products that comply with aircraft specific standards and/or client specifications for interior and insulation applications.


We also offer various fastening solutions for other interiors applications such as flooring, wall panels and cable attachment.

Key benefits

  • Easy to attach & release
  • Removable fixing system
  • Design flexibility
  • Overall Weight Savings
  • Fire, Smoke and Toxicity Resistance
  • Resistant to Extreme Temperatures

Discover our solutions

hook and loop for aircraft interior aplix


Our dedicated hook and loop range meets aircraft seating performance requirements with regards to design, comfort and fire resistance.

aplix hook and loop for aircraft insulation


APLIX offers a unique line of fire retardant hook & loop fastening systems to facilitate and secure the assembly of insulation panels.