Hook and loop solutions for insulation and high temperature applications

APLIX offers a unique line of fire retardant hook & loop fastening systems to facilitate and secure the assembly of insulation panels. Major insulation manufacturers have adopted APLIX solutions for cabin insulation and thermal insulation. 

aircraft insulation aplix

Key benefits

  • Overall weight savings
  • Fire, Smoke and Toxiciy Resistance
  • Resistant to extreme temperatures
  • Easy to apply

Recommended products


Our solutions meet the following aeronautical standards such as :

  • FAR/EASA CS 25-853 & ABD 0031
  • FAR/EASA CS 25-856
  • BMS 8-372 and 8-285 (Boeing)
  • ABS 1133 (Airbus)
  • CMS TT 601 (Co Mac)

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Our dedicated hook and loop range meet aircraft seating performance requirements with regards to design, comfort and fire resistance.