Hook and loop solutions for adult incontinence

As a global company, APLIX develops and produces fastening systems designed to optimize the fit and comfort of adult briefs.


Given our strong experience in personal care, we develop solutions that facilitate the positioning of the brief to offer simplicity and adaptability to the healthcare workers and end-user.


We customize our solutions to provide reliable and discreet solutions to the end-user.


APLIX has developed a complete line of compostable and recyclable hook and loop fasteners by using bio-based raw materials.


aplix hook and loop compostable solutions

adult incontinence aplix

Key benefits

  • Discrete and reliable solution
  • Improved comfort and fit
  • Cloth-like
  • Green solutions

Recommended products


  • All our product are certified OEKO-TEX® et DERMATEST®.

Discover our solutions
for baby diapers


APLIX offers a complete product line to ensure a secure and comfortable fit of the baby diapers.

hook and loop closure for baby diapers aplix