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Article published on 12/02/2021
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Aplix is proud to announce that French President, Mr Emmanuel Macron, visited our Aplix production facility in Le Cellier, France on February 11, 2021. The President discovered a company that impressed him in terms of innovation. The tour brought Mr. Emmanuel Macron to the manufacturing workshop producing Easylock by Aplix®. There, he met with the team working on the hook-to-hook closure. 

Mr. Cédric Boisteau, Production Manager, presented the innovative hook-to-hook closure Easylock by Aplix® to the President. Mr. Emmanuel Macron opened and closed the pouch with Easylock: he was surprised by the sensory effect of this innovative reclose solution, and even left with his sample!


Be like French President, ask for your own Easylock sample pouch!


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