Since 1994, APLIX has been developing and improving fastening solutions for the baby diaper and incontinence adult market. In close collaboration with diaper manufacturers, APLIX has developed advanced fastening products that adhere to hygienic qualifications and requirements.


As a global manufacturer, APLIX offers a complete line of hygiene fastening systems which include:

  • SoftGrip by Aplix® (Hooks and Hook Tapes)
  • TexLoop by Aplix® (Knit Loop Frontal Tapes)
  • SoftLoop by Aplix® (Nonwoven Frontal Tapes)
  • SoftFit by Aplix® (Elastic Ears)

Our hygiene solutions are suitable for the different diaper segments (Premium, Mainline & Pants).


Our R&D Team continues to develop new and improved versions of these products by utilizing our core technologies in plastic extrusion, weaving, knitting, converting and lamination.Our new products focus on important consumer preferences such as: Flexibility, Softness, Texture, Stretch and Value. 

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  • Softness
  • Comfort
  • Customization
  • Easy adjustment and repositioning
  • Maximum artwork visibility