APLIX offers specialized hook products which can be slid, clipped, glued or directly injected into the apparatus. 

  • Textile or plastic hooks to be glued on frames.
  • Available in rigid profile strips which slide directly into the frames.
  • High-shear performing microplastic hooks combined with light knit loops and non-woven fabrics are ideal for disposable applications.


APLIX developed inter-mold® technology : hooks are directly molded into plastic mop frames that attach to non-wovens or microfiber mops and sponges with aplix® loops. 



  • No adhesives: eliminates issues due to adhesives.
  • Aesthetic: improves design flexibility.
  • Ease of use: easier to attach mop pad.
  • Ecofriendly: easy to recycle.
  • Performance: improves efficiency.
  • Provides hook fields with the same properties as plastic resins (resistance to humidity, chemical products, sterilization).