Company profile

APLIX is committed to providing innovative and value added fastening solutions to market leaders while respecting social, economic and environmental needs.


A global supplier

APLIX is a worldwide company providing hook and loop fastening solutions for over 60 years and operates six plants in the U.S, France, Brazil and China and sales offices around the world. 



Fastening the future

Assembling, fixing, joining...these are the functions of APLIX self-gripping fasteners. Over one billion meters of hook and loop is produced every year and many of our products are customized to meet specific needs and applications.

APLIX’s growth and development is measured by the success of our clients, the ingenuity of our research team, the expertise of our manufacturing department, the experience of our sales force and the support of our suppliers. Each of these key elements enables APLIX to develop and provide exceptional products and solutions for every fastening need.

Our only limit is that of your imagination. 

Trust our team to fasten the future with you!