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Innovations & development fastening industry Aplix self grippingA culture of innovation

Standards for the fastening industry are always changing as markets, consumer products and trends evolve.By making innovation a top priority, we are able to stay current and develop new and improved self-gripping products and solutions that provide optimum value for the fastening market.


APLIX’s innovation effort is supported through various collaborations between its clients, engineers, designers and manufacturing team.Through product development and design improvement, APLIX has filed over 200 patents and streamlined processes which have resulted in unparalleled self-gripping products for a variety of markets.

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The APLIX R&D Department is supported by a multi-disciplinary team of engineers, specializing in textile and polymer fields.By utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and technology, the R&D team can provide product support and expertise for injection molding, extrusion, adhesives and lamination systems.Furthermore, the research and testing conducted by the department has resulted in technological breakthroughs in product development and manufacturing processes.

Our major innovations

APLIX is committed to providing innovative products that meet technical markets needs such as:


Non woven frontal tape for softness


EASY-LOCK by APLIX® for flexible packaging


Inter-mold® technology hooks directly molded into plastic parts


Stretch products for the hygiene market


Plastic hook miniaturization and frontal tape development


Extruded plastic hook for the automotive market


Mushroom tapes for high gripping strength


Texturized loop for superior cycle life