APLIX develops hook and loop fastening systems to affix various components or accessories inside the vehicle:


  • Cables

Loop wrapped around the cable engages into the gripping elements positioned on the vehicle structure (door panel, dashboard, etc).


  • Noise reduction

​Loop patches applied on the safety belt buckles or safety net rollers limit noise emission from these components.


  • Ski-pass door

​​Hooks incorporated into the ski door during the injection molding of the plastic part engage into the loop sewn on the armrest, thereby keeping it in an upright position when the ski-pass door is closed.


  • Fastening sound insulation sheets to door panels

Non-woven insulation sheets may be fastened to the door panel through the use of inter-mold technology or gripping elements positioned at various locations.


  • Floormats 

Gripping elements zone incorporated on the back of the floor mats prevent them from sliding.


  • Repair kits/safety triangles

Straps are used to hold these components in place.