Hook and loop solutions for automotive interiors

APLIX develops hook and loop fastening systems to affix various components or accessories inside the vehicle.


  • Noise reduction

​Loop patches applied on the safety belt buckles or safety net rollers improve acoustics.


  • Floormats 

Gripping elements integrated in the back of floor mats provide an anti-slid function.


  • Cables

Loop wrapped around the cable engages into the gripping elements positioned on the vehicle structure (door panel, dashboard, etc).


  • Various application with EPP foam (ex: trunk area)

Intermold® fastening pushpins anchored into EPP foam blocks replace adhesives and mechanical devices.


aplix hook and loop for Automotive interiors

Key benefits

  • Repositioning solutions
  • Improved Quality (alternative solution/replacement of adhesive)
  • Productivity

Discover our solutions
for seat assembly


APLIX has developed a complete range of mold-in products for seat assembly to meet the performance requirements of automotive interiors in terms of design, comfort and ergonomics.

seat assembly aplix