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Article published on 30/11/2022
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Discover the last article published in the last NonWovens Industry magazine (November 2022) by Tara OLIVO.


"The trend to increase the number of bio- or plant-based materials in absorbent hygiene products has not slowed down in recent years, and hygiene brands like Kudos, Dyper and Sparkle have focused their businesses on reducing the proportion of fossil fuel-based components used in hygiene products. As consumers continue to desire absorbent hygiene products that are perceived to be more healthy, sustainable and plant-based, suppliers to the industry have been challenged with developing these products in a cost-effective way while also proving that they perform as well as traditional products. In addition to these challenges, suppliers to the hygiene industry continue to face escalating raw material and energy costs, supply chain disruptions and other cost pressures.



Aplix, a manufacturer of fastening solutions based in Le Cellier, France, offers a complete product line to ensure a proper fit and a secure closure system for baby diapers and adult briefs, with solutions tailored to all market segments—premium, mainline and pants. This includes SoftGrip by Aplix (hooks and hook tapes), TexLoop by Aplix (knit loop frontal tapes), SoftLoop by Aplix (nonwoven frontal tapes) and SoftFit by Aplix (elastic ears).


Recently, the company launched a new hook platform to be able to provide customized and value-added materials (cross-over, hook on stretch, patch and single hook). And, in parallel to its petroleum-based solutions, it has replicated its complete hygiene product line using compostable materials.


“We work diligently to source the right industrially compostable PLA materials for all our hygiene products,” says Olivier Blanc, marketing & sales director – EMEA Personal Care, Aplix. “We proved that we are technically capable of running PLA on our industrial lines without compromising performance or quality. Our materials have already been converted on several diaper lines, with different partners, and the results are very promising. It is now crucial for us to closely collaborate with our customers to understand how to continuously improve our line of compostable products to meet the expanding needs of the market.”


Aplix has also been developing products without adhesives, and with PP based resins, for several years. “Our objective is to have recyclable materials which could be recycled, not only by our customers, but also by us to be reused in our production. Our objective is zero waste material. Nevertheless, we know that it is only the first step,” Blanc says.


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